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Our Next Film: Planet 142

Gary is the misguided other son of God who could never quite cut it as a messiah in his father's multi-galactic conglomerate like his successful brother Jesus. But when he discovers that his favorite planet, #142, is about to be sundowned (downsized by his father with a supernova) for failing to evolve, Gary decides to really give this messiah thing another try. This is his chance to finally show up his arrogant brother and prove himself to his judgmental father by saving the girl he likes and planet he loves (known as Earth, to you and me.)

About you: You're a person who loves Monty Python, The Young Ones, early Saturday Night Live, and Mr. Show. You've always wanted to make a movie and you've just won the lottery or cashed in a few million internet stock options; here's your opportunity to climb aboard our comedy spaceship and bring Planet 142 to the world. Feel free to contact us and see if you're a good fit for our team. Even if you don't have $3 million to invest in a film, we welcome energetic, organized people. Thanks for listening.

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