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Show Me The Aliens!


82 minutes


Director: Devin Crowley

Producer: Steve Hermanos, Devin Crowley

Written by: Devin Crowley

Story by: Devin Crowley & Steve Hermanos & Kirk Davis

Assistant Director: Kirk Davis

Alien handlers: Devin Crowley & Steve Hermanos & Kirk Davis


Cast: Devin Crowley, Aaron Rudelson, Kim Reinle, Denny Siegel, Misty Greer, Lorrel Manning, Andy Smart, Richard Pohlers, Ben Turtel, M. George Stevenson, Kirk Davis, Steve Hermanos


Crew: Jon Kovel, Nelson Ryland, Marcos Underwood, Kirk Davis, Andrew Koppelman.


Please note: No animals or extraterrestrials were intentionally mistreated or injured during the making of this film.


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