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Devin Crowley, Steve Hermanos, and Kirk Davis met at Columbia University graduate film school. Since they were at film school they decided that it would be a brilliant career move to go completely off topic and start a stage sketch-comedy group: TunnelVision was born. Soon TunnelVision mushroomed to 9 writers, 8 actors, and was fearlessly directed by film school professor David McKenna.


TunnelVision performed at comedy clubs spanning the island of Manhattan, including Caroline's Comedy Club on Broadway, where the early-evening shows were legendary to the tens of people who witnessed them.


After one weekend of shows, Devin, Steve and Kirk concluded that for all of the writing, re-writing, rehearsing, coordinating of actors, costume-and-prop procuring, and general overall insanity of putting on live shows, they probably could have produced about 15% of a finished film. And they'd have something forever.


Show Me The Aliens! is the brainchild of Devin Crowley. Devin began filming some of the best comedy actors in New York as if they'd been abducted by extraterrestrials. Devin developed the character of Jared Pilvis, the barely-hanging-together Brit with a nagging memory of being abducted by extraterrestrials as a child.


Producer Steve turned film school loans into internet stock profits and funded the film for $26,432.23. The crew shot all over New York (a deranged night watchman yelled at them when they shot in front of the Cloisters), and made low-budget trips to London, and New Mexico. Stewardesses let them film on an airplane.


Show Me The Aliens! won awards at various film festivals, but did not secure an acceptable distribution deal. So here it is, and you can now watch the film on Vimeo. Please take 2 minutes and enter your credit card info on Vimeo and watch Show Me The Aliens! Make a comment on the Show Me The Aliens! Facebook page. Email us. We'd like to know that we make you laugh.


Throughout the wonderful experience of making Show Me The Aliens! and the long, abducted post-production, Devin, Steve, and Kirk have remained great friends. We still crack each other up as we're raising funds for our next film, Planet 142. You can get in on the act and help us.


Don't get abducted!


Jared admires American hamburgers.

Abduction reenactment #4.

Jared directs alien abduction reenactment #142.

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